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Project Home - Designing for Small Spaces

Designing for Small Spaces by Angela Goodall

As featured in BayLife North Magazine


When designing for a client or for myself, I love to have fun in small spaces. Everyone has a functional bathroom or entryway, but who says they can only be practical? Little hallways or transitional spaces are opportunities to show one's personality, so don't underestimate them.

I love powder baths! They are unexpected spaces to create a "wow" moment for you and your guests. Start by selecting a fun sink, such as a furniture piece or a floating vanity. Add character with a wildly patterned wall treatment. Choose bold lighting and just the right accessories for an unforgettable bathroom.

Homeowner entries (a.k.a mudrooms) are another great location to add a splash of personality and put a smile on your face after a busy day. Have fun with tiled flooring by using unique colors and patterns. Add shiplap or wallpaper to the open back of a boot bench to help define the room. Similarly, transitional spaces (usually hallways between rooms) are perfect spots to add a built-in bookcase or treat the celing with an unexpected texture and/or color. Visitors will take notice of the charming decor!

Small spaces are the ideal opportunity to create a big impact...So, don't be afraid to go out on a limb. Use colors and materials that make you smile! Happy decorating!


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