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September 17th Home & Cottage Tour

August 15, 2016

Kitchen Choreography will showcase two homes on the September 17th Home & Cottage Tour hosted by My North and to benefit Child and Family Services.

In their 10th year of participating in the tour, Kitchen Choreography will open the doors to a remodeled home and a condominium makeover. The remodeled home on Old Mission peninsula (home #7) was an original home from 1988 and the update needed to capture the essence and tranquil lifestyle of the area while making the kitchen the center of the homes activity. The other remodel (home #10) was a dated condo that needed a complete makeover along with the maximization and the utilization of the existing space.

“ We are so delighted to be a part of this home tour. Not only does it allow us to showcase our design and craftsmanship it also supports the Child and Family Services Organization and their fundraising campaign,” states Angela Goodall.

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