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Ask Angela - Nooks & Crannies

Nooks & Crannies by Angela Goodall

As featured in BayLife North Magazine


As the days of summer wane, we turn a little more inward.  We seek spaces in our homes that we can feel the warmth of the sun and enjoy the outdoor scenery from our favorite nooks and crannies.

A window seat, a banquette for morning coffee, our favorite chair placed by an easterly or westerly window pending whether you are a morning or early evening person.  Cozy is the theme.  Even the four legged family members will often gravitate to these spots.

It is amazing how a room can be transformed when careful planning and design is applied to the right corner of the home.  A place that calls to have something added (no more fake fig trees please).  By adding the quiet space to sit gives the space not only a more finished feel, but also adds a use to that square footage.  We so often focus on how to arrange seating so you are always part of the group, participating in the activities and conversation, but if you are like me, some of your favorite spaces are for quiet reflection, reading, puzzle doing.  It's a part of the room, but the focus is not on the center but to be more sidelined.

The basics in designing these spaces are simple.  A window is preferred.  How else to capture the sunshine or simple daylight? I love a bench with a built in drawer to store your reading materials, perhaps a favorite blanket.  Having a small surface to set your cup of tea or wine is almost a must.  This could be a simple little tea table. 

Take a look around your home.  Is there a corner or window that is calling to be sat in?  Could be your new favorite nook or cranny!

Orchestrating your vision.