December 11, 2013

The Steward’s Carriage Garage, Building #81

Kitchen Choreography Rehabilitates Another Building

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TRAVERSE CITY, Michigan – On December 2nd and 3rd, 2013, Kitchen Choreography lifted and relocated the historic garage that sat on their business’s property, to a new home, about 75 feet away from the garage’s original spot. Built between 1890 and 1900 with 13,000 cubic content, moving the carriage garage will position her to a safer more drier spot on the property. What function lies in store for the carriage garage is yet to be determined; but it will be loved, rehabilitated and repurposed just as the original Steward’s Residence home was earlier in 2013.

The job involved some careful planning from HD Movers who headed up the relocation of Bldg. 81. The original footing sank more than a foot on the Southwest corner which “bent” the walls over time. It had a slab on grade with a wood floor structure on top that was in very poor shape due to the seasonal flooding. After removing all of the rotted supports, steel beams were placed every 3 feet, connecting to a wood ribbon that was lagged into each vertical stud. When the building was completely supported by the beams, they were leveled with hydraulic pistons and then lowered onto wheel sets. Then it was pushed over to the new location where beams in the new location lined up with the beams under the structure and it was slid off of one set of beams and onto another.

There have been several tenants who have lived in the main house during her several years as a rental. One of the renters was a brewer and so there are some wonderful hops that now grow behind the old carriage house location. There was also a Doctor that lived there years ago who built an airplane inside of the carriage house. As it turns out, he crashed it the first time flying it but he was not seriously injured.

Future plans for the building are yet to be determined but at least she is now safe and sound on higher ground.

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