November 9, 2016

ASK ANGELA ~ Angela Goodall


The Perfect Setting


Setting the table for the holidays, can be

almost as fun as cooking (for some maybe

even more so). I am admittedly a dishware

collector and believe that honoring your

guests with a beautifully decorated table is

as important as the deliciousness of the meal

being presented.

Although a huge fan of colorful and patterned

dinnerware, for my holiday settings, I typically

start with my neutral creams. I use my woven

wood placemats and linen table runner, so

the décor I gather is the showstopper set on a

neutral back drop.

Fortunately for us in Northern Michigan,

with some efforts and creativity, it can be

easy to use our natural environment to

create some beautiful winter holiday table

settings. What typically comes to mind are

the standard stand by pine boughs (although,

classic and fragrant). Mix some bare branch

trimmings in, sprayed with silver glitter or

white paint. Use some pinecones in varying

sizes for texture and complete the look by

incorporating small blown glass bulbs or

red berries and you have a very festive table

setting. Using glass candle holders gives you

a wonderfully intimate and reflective light

source for your dinner.

For a Thanksgiving feast, I use dried cattails,

grasses and of course some gourds and/or

leaves. Companies like Horchow, Pottery

Barn and Crate and Barrel often have

inexpensive soup bowls or bread plates

that will carry the theme just a little farther.

Purchase some candle sticks that look like

corn cobs and you have a perfect setting.

To prep for holiday entertaining that can

carry the whole year through, invest in some

neutral dinnerware, placemats, table runners

or cloths. Of course don’t forget the linen

napkins with themed rings and you have the

perfect base to decorate for each holiday in the

color and theme you see fit!

Orchestrating your vision.

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