July 6, 2017

ASK ANGELA ~ Angela Goodall

High Drama


Gone are the days of popcorn textured ceilings, thankfully!

However, the emerging trend for ceilings is that they no longer

want to be painted, well, ceiling white. In the newest of designs

where less clutter and a more monochromatic color palettes are

taking center stage, the opportunities for design may lie just above

your head. Look to your ceiling or shall we say, your 5th wall?

Still popular in our area is a traditional beam or coffered ceiling

detail to add a contrast in color and/or texture to the room. The

spaces between the coffers may be painted the wall color or even

a shade darker to add contrast to the trim elements of the coffer.

If beams enter the picture, they may be a rustic element meant

to warm up a more modern space. Using a true barn wood or

distressed wood detail would serve to add some texture. How

about adding ship lap just in the center of those beams to create a

centered focal point to the room as a whole?

In most spaces I design, if the ceiling is not treated any differently

than the surrounding walls, i.e. wall board, why should it be painted a

different color. To keep with a simplistic design, simply painting the

ceiling the same color as the walls will introduce a more updated look.

What about painting the ceiling a soft shade of blue or green? When

you look across your room at our beautiful natural surroundings, the

color connects the interior to the exterior. Ceiling becomes sky.

Oh yes, and wallpaper or faux finish for a Powder Bath ceiling,

always a must! Don’t be afraid, go for it! And introduce a special

light fixture to make the space unique. Your guests will love the

surprise when they go in and close the door.

So be adventurous. Look above you in a different light and add

some detail to one of the biggest surfaces in your home.

Orchestrating your vision.

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