September 1, 2013

Rustic Elements In Today’s Design

Living UpNorth has every one of us appreciating nature at its finest. A very strong design trend in our region is using natural elements as a part of the overall.

ASK ANGELA ~ by Angela Goodall

Click to downloadGranite and natural stone is not new as a countertop surface, but continues to be in high demand. Most of today’s consumers are looking for that one of a kind stone or something with an “other than” polished finish. The fabricators are responding and finding rare and extremely beautiful stone as well as offering many different finishes on the surface. Honed and leathered are two we recommend quite often. Although it may take away some of the color and depth of the stone, it gives a more casual look.

Stones of many shapes, sizes and colors are entering the baths as shower floors and features. These are typically true pebbles, either full round or cut flat set on a mesh backer. This application appeals not only to our out doorsie side, but the sense that we are at the spa and relaxing in a hot steamy shower. Now if we could only design in the personal masseuse.

Petoskey stones for hardware, backsplash features or inset into any tile application, rings true to our love of state. Combine this with hardware that might be shaped like twigs or pine cones and you know that you live up north.

For the more contemporary heart, grasses or tile with lineal movement that looks like grass is very popular. Using glass that has grass or straw sandwiched between 2 panes as a room divider is a great approach to a clean, yet earthy design.

And most popular this year, has been flooring that looks like old barn or driftwood. The organic gray tone of this wood lends so well with the current color trend, yet reminds us of a simpler life style. One that we all strive to live in our beautiful area.


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