January 1, 2014

Indoor Winter SURVIVAL 101: add some color to your life!

As I write, we are in the 3rd week of December and have pretty much had snow since before Thanksgiving. I wasn’t sure if I was going to take a spring vacation this year, but it may be a good idea seeming as winter may be longer than we have had in a while.

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As a designer, I am well versed in the way color and a well designed space can make all the difference. This past year, gray was a very popular color and white kitchens still are the most popular. Although very beautiful, I always try to advise my year round clients that January and February can make the most positive of us want to head south for some sunshine. So with that in mind, let’s introduce shades of colors that will warm up the coolest of palettes and make us feel cozy when the snow and wind are blowing outside.

I have convinced my husband that sometimes two of one thing can be good (this is besides handbags or shoes, because in that case two is not enough). I have accent and décor pieces that are specific to winter vs. summer. This can be the simplest of introductions, a snuggly throw on the sofa, some great accent pillows or accessory pieces on a table. Switch up your lamp shade, buy a winter area rug and when summer comes and the other one is brought back out, it can feel like a new room.

So although the sun may not shine for many days at a time, adding a decorative element the color of sunshine may be just what you need to be reminded that not too long from now we will be back outside. Or buy something blue to remind you of our beautiful water and that the boating days will be back soon. Enjoy all of the seasons that Northern Michigan has to offer and make it fun to create a different space with small touches to celebrate each of them! 



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