September 8, 2017

Sept 8, 2017

ASK ANGELA ~ Angela Goodall

How do you light up your world?


From a technical stand point, the emergence of LED products

has really opened the door to options for lighting cabinetry,

built-ins and other accent areas of your home. The key to

getting it right, is to make sure the Kelvin rating is around

2700-3000K. This will most emulate the warm white tones of

incandescent lighting and blend best with fixtures that are not

LED. You may opt for a higher rating for task lighting, but be

aware that unless all your fixtures (including your can lights)

are LED, the light quality will have a noticeable difference when

the fixtures are turned on together.

The Edison bulb currently rules in Decorative lighting. The trend

of actually seeing the mechanics of the fixture is very popular with

the bulb being center stage. When using these fixtures, you may

need to supplement the area with additional lighting. The wattage

is classified with the same rating as a standard incandescent, but

most will warn that the application is for ambient light. Sconces

in the bath will not put off enough light to apply makeup and other

bathroom tasks. Inserting a can light or two will make up the

difference, but as noted with the LED bulbs, they may produce 2

different light qualities that you may be sensitive to.

From a design stand point, anything goes! No longer do we

worry about all the finishes being the same. Clusters of lights

vs. a single large fixture also looks more interesting. Some

fixtures having clean lines, while others being a smidge

rustic or industrial in the same setting will make your design

interestingly eclectic. So, use the lighting of your areas to set a

mood and define your personal style!

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