August 27, 2016

ASK ANGELA ~ by Angela Goodall

I’m lucky enough to work in an industry where I get to create beautiful spaces for people to enjoy special moments of their lives including holidays. Here at Kitchen Choreography we take this time to say thanks in a personal way; with homemade gifts. It’s a great way to exercise your creative juices and create a one of a kind gift for the special people in your life. My staff and I spend hours making homemade treats, wrapping them in that special way and hand delivering them. Below are a few ideas to get you inspired to give a gift with a personal touch too.

A family-friendly gift that’s inexpensive and easy to do is your favorite cookie recipe in a mason jar. Stack the dry ingredients in layers, attach the recipe card with ribbon to the top and be sure to include a couple of cool shaped copper cookie cutters. Kids will love making the cookies and the cookie cutters keepsake will certainly make it an annual tradition.

For the men on your list try making your own spice rub for bbq. This custom spice mix combined with some stainless steel BBQ utensils or meat brander is sure to get you an invite to next summer’s grill out.

Everyone loves to give wine and we are no exception, giving several bottles or our favorite locals. One idea to step it up a notch is to include a cheese board. We make own cheese boards rom Corian and etch them with our logo but you can find several creative ways to personalize yours.

I hope these simple ideas get your inspired to give this season. If you have great personal gift ideas I would love to hear from you. Send them to me via email or through our website. I plan to feature our Top 10 favorites on our Facebook page.

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