August 29, 2016

ASK ANGELA ~ Angela Goodall

From Coast to Coast Design Trends...

It was very fun for me to work with the Overbeek’s on their new home and Gretchen was on the cutting edge of a design trend that has made its way here to Northern Michigan. Clean, moderndesign incorporating natural, rustic elements has been a way of design in the Pacific Northwest for quite some time. Well, we live on the West Coast as well (Lake Michigan of course) and have many of the same life style desires that are found in cities like Seattle and Portland. We think of small, but quality and detailed architecture for our homes. Clean lines, volume in ceiling heights off set with lighter colors and contrast in textures and materials. Warm wood cabinetry and darker metals complete the look.

The East Coast influence has been very strong in design the last couple years as well. Looking at our year end photography, white kitchens really ruled the landscape last year. Not just white cabinetry, but white counters, backsplashes, walls and ceilings. A change we are seeing to that look this year is adding a pop of color. Teal and Orange are headliners as accent pieces. Backsplashes in geometric patterns and bright color or islands in a bright tone are ways of mixing it up and adding a bit of your own personality.

Wood plays a part in this style of design as well, with perhaps a butcher block island top, wood flooring and perhaps some beams on the ceiling.

While we are at heart Midwesterners, in design today, it is our other coastlines that seem to be the heavy influencers. As always, our own “spin” begins to emerge and keeps me looking forward to the next project that is designed for you.

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