November 1, 2013

Designed with Entertaining in Mind

With the holidays upon us, our spaces take on a new role and need to function differently than they do with our normal, everyday schedules. 

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ASK ANGELA ~ by Angela Goodall

Large meals, treats needing to be baked and just the right spot to set up the hors d’oeuvres become our priority. There
are 2 key items that need to be taken into consideration when designing a space for entertainer.

First and foremost we need counter space. Whether it is for prepping vegetables for that 5 course meal for 20, baking dozens of Christmas cookies, setting up a buffet for casual entertaining or a staging area outside of the kitchen, counter space is one of the most vital parts of a home designed to entertain guests. This doesn’t always mean you need to double the size of your kitchen. Although Butler’s Pantries are certainly a Kitchen Envy of mine. Creatively, we can design spaces that in our everyday world function with a different idea in mind. Laundry rooms can become butler’s pantries. A Sofa Table that has drop leaves, can become a buffet or bar area. Think inside and outside of the kitchen to create spaces that allow you to stage items for easy serving when the guest arrive.

Secondly, storage for serving ware is just as important. Tray dividers aren’t just for cookie sheets, but can be used to store serving platters. Auxiliary cabinetry for additional glassware, table linens, silverware and such can be designed into the dining or living room areas. Purchase and set up sturdy shelving in the lower level to house some of these items, but be sure to keep them accessible (not boxed away) so when the time comes, it is easy to get to them.

So the holidays get crazy, but with some forward thinking and a good design team, they can be tackled with ease, knowing you planned ahead to using alternate spaces for storage and staging. So, bake some cookies, invite family and friends over for a cocktail party and relax enjoying their company for the holidays.





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