March 10, 2017

ASK ANGELA ~ Angela Goodall

Design Trends 2017

As spring kicks off and everything is new, so are the colors, patterns and finishes for your home projects. Some of this year’s top design trends include textural patterns, mixed metal finishes and, of course, color palette updates. 

For textural patterns, the biggest element we are seeing on a large pattern format is cement tiles. Most of these tiles are reminiscent to Olde World European or Spanish styling, but as always with a new twist. Whether the colors or patterns are more up to date, we have simply reintroduced what was very common in architectural design starting from the late 14th to early 15th century. The size of these tiles are typically a 6 x 6 or 8 x 8 individual, but often require a repeat of 3-4 for creating the overall pattern. Color palette is seen in simple two-tones of black and white or gray and cream to full range of colors in one design.

Hardware and lighting manufacturers are satisfying our need to not be so matchy-matchy and offering many new styles in combinations of mixed metals. You no longer have to choose if you want bronze or brushed nickel, you can have both. We are also seeing a large resurgence of rose gold and varying shades with a champagne undertone.

Lastly are the paint manufacturer’s colors of the year. Although different per manufacturer, there is one consistent feel. Gray is not gone yet but is being reintroduced with shades of lavender, blue or taupe mixed in. I would say that from a design stand point, the hues are moving in a warmer direction than we have seen in the past few years.

So, when considering a renovation or new project, consult your local professional to keep up with the 2017 Design Trends in your design!

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