July 1, 2013

Bringing The Outdoors In

Winter seems so far away. Summer warms our soul and is one of the reasons I believe we so often use the colors of our beautiful Northern Michigan natural surrounding into each of our designs.

ASK ANGELA ~ by Angela Goodall

Click to downloadIn our region there are so many color palettes to choose from. The ones that tend to stand out the most are the blues, grays and whites of the water and sky. A clean design that sparkles is considered a new trend, but incorporating a shade of blue into homes with a water view has been a goal of mine as a designer since the day I started. The clouds enter the picture with the most popular shade of countertops being white with gray marbling. The maintenance concern that comes with marble countertops has been resolved by the quartz manufacturers. They have developed a stain resistant product that has the beauty of real marble with the durability of granite.

Another popular design choice that incorporates our beautiful surroundings is to utilize shades of wood, green and rust tones that remind us of the woods, fields and trees. This technique may still have some painted features, but it tends to incorporate colors of Buttercream or Green. Stone is still a prevalent feature, but may be incorporated into different facets of the design other than countertops. A favorite new product of mine is thin sliced stone that is sold in stacked “sheets” and can be installed by a tile setter. It is lighter than normal stone, so it gives us the opportunity to apply it to different surfaces without the weight associated with thicker versions of the same material.

So, enjoy all of the beauty that summer in Northern Michigan has to offer and keep it in mind when redesigning a room in your home. Use some of your favorite pieces as inspiration to bring the outdoors in.


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