October 22, 2013

A Labor of Love

Kitchen Choreography Accepts Traverse City Preservation Award 

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TRAVERSE CITY, Michigan – Kitchen Choreography was nominated this year for an award by The History Center Awards Committee of Traverse City. Kitchen Choreography was recognized for their recent improve- ments to the structure formerly known as The Steward’s Residence at 420 South Division Street in Traverse City. Keeping with the historical and architectural character of the Traverse City area, Kitchen Choreography turned the vacant home into their new design studio in 2012.

The annual History Center of Traverse City Historic Preservation Awards ceremony was held at 5:30pm on Monday, October 21, 2013 at the History Center of Traverse City, 322 Sixth Street in Traverse City.

Kitchen Choreography’s studio and offices previously at 811 South Garfield Avenue closed at the end of June 2012. When the Goodalls had the option to renew their lease, they chose to embark on the major renovation on Division Street instead.

From mechanicals to enhancing original design elements such as the dining room fireplace, woodwork, and original hardware, the Goodalls have gently restored the entire 3500 square foot house, which is known today as building 79 to the Grand Traverse Commons principals, and Kitchen Choreography has officially joined the Grand Traverse Commons community.

The Goodalls took care to re-purpose and re-use much of the materials from the original structure, as well as employ green practices that they utilize in all of their renovation projects. “When we chose to renovate the Steward’s Residence, we put a lot of thought into signing up for the extra work, the extra funds needed and the extra time, but in the spirit of renovating an important structure in the Traverse City community,” said Angela Goodall, co-owner of Kitchen Choreography. Along with each room in the house, the Goodalls added a sun room and back deck, further enhancing the working space and esthetics of the house that’s more than a hundred years old (constructed in 1896).

“This property is a landmark of The Commons, and with its rehabilitation it will be a new business landmark on the west side of Traverse City,” said Raymond Minervini, a principal of The Minervini Group. “What the Goodalls have done with the interior and exterior is testimony to their attention to detail and craftsmanship – and their respect of historically significant structures.”

For over a decade the Kitchen Choreography team of in-house designers, project managers, interior designers and installation crews has been dedicated to excellence in kitchen and bath design and re-design throughout Michigan, with a focus on northern Michigan.

For more information about the awards ceremony, call Kitchen Choreography at 231.932.9700, and visit Kitchen Choreography’s Facebook page and website: http://www.kitchenchoreography.net/ 

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